Premium Vinegar Syrup

This sticky, tart sweet condiment is all about tangy contrast

There are few foods that don’t come to life after a shot of concentrated sweetness and acid. This stuff is great with any roasted vegetable, think cipollini onions and eggplant, and makes a seriously good glaze for grilled pork chops, chicken thighs or wings.  A drizzle over cut fruit, or a dollop on a cheese plate is the best!

Agrodolce, its name comes from "agro" (sour) and "dolce" (sweet),  is made by reducing specialty vinegars and cane sugar. During the brewing process, we add  all-natural flavorings to create a variety of vinegar syrups with a strong bold character! Not too sweet and not too sour!

The syrup consistency along with our select flavors helps brighten any food and may quite possibly be the worlds most perfect condiment!

We've also created Agrodolce Bar Syrup which creates an incredible cocktail infusion.  We've crafted unique flavor profiles with sweet and sour elements that you can use to create imaginative beverages.  It blends fantastic with your favorite premium spirits as well as Iced tea and sparkling water.

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