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Clint Braidwood, owner of three Olive Oil & Vinegar specialty shops located in Saratoga Springs, NY, Lake Placid, NY and Burlington, VT says....

 “Dakine Cuisine has created beautiful Agrodolce flavor combinations like Mango Coconut, Rosemary Garlic, Ginger Kaffir Lime and Habanero Agave. Sales on this line have been through the roof as we sold 2,847 bottles just from June 2018 – December 2018. There seems to be a real demand for it.”

 Our products are available in the following wholesale sizes

Agrodolce - 2.5 Gallon Jug; 1 Gallon Jug; .5 Gallon Jug; Quart, and 8.5 oz (250 ml) bottles (12 btls/case)

Bar Syrup - 1 Quart and 12.6 oz (375 ml) bottles (12/ btls./case)

Aioli - 7.6 oz Jar - (12 Jars/case)

Sriracha - 12 oz. bottle - (12 btls./case)

Shipping Wholesale

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